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Water Line Installation & Repair

If you are purchasing a new home or investing in a new commercial property, the main water line should be inspected. In many cases, it could have been decades ago that the original water line was installed in the ground. We commonly find in these cases that the slow degradation over time usually leads to the need for an entirely new system.

Our water line professionals are available to recommend high-quality materials that still meet your budget demands as well as meeting Orange County plumbing codes. Live in comfort knowing that your home or structure is served by reliable water lines.


Repairs For Main Line Failures


When the waterline of your home or building starts to exhibit problems, you should request an inspection as soon as possible. Depending on the problem with the line, your water could be compromised with a high volume of minerals or other nasty stuff. Our water line repair service in the Orange County is performed by experienced technicians who can evaluate the problem and get your mainline back in great working order fast. 

Our repair services for main lines can address a variety of water problems:

  • Lack of decent water supply

  • Substantially reduced water pressure

  • Spiking utility bills due to water leaks

  • Weak, soft spots in earth due to water leaks

  • Pooling water in your lawn or yard

  • Dirty water emerging from fixtures

It pays to get the job done right by experts. Issues with your main line can affect the quality of life and lead to property damage quite easily. Our team employs advanced video technology to inspect lines for damage or blockages in order to perform only needed repairs at targeted areas.

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