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Clogged drains that back up are a major headache to Orange County homeowners. One of the smartest things you can do is contact a leading plumbing company so that a qualified, experienced plumber can come out to your home and provide you with expert drain cleaning services.

Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning is an incredibly important part of proper home maintenance. A drain that is not cleaned regularly and on a timely basis can get clogged, making it significantly more difficult and expensive to clean later on. Water that is slow to drain has the potential to permanently damage the plumbing fixtures in your Orange County home, which can lower your home’s resale value.

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Pipe Repair Options

At Zeman's Plumbing Service, we work closely with each client to resolve their pipe issue in a manner that meets their needs and their budget. We have many different pipe repair options to choose from, including:

  • Pipe tape for sealing leaky joints or pinhole leaks

  • Complete pipe replacement for easily accessible pipes

  • Pipe relining to reinforce long stretches of pitted or cracked pipe

  • Pipe bursting to replace buried pipes without digging

You can rely on our skilled and experienced plumbers to provide accurate estimates for all of the options that may be appropriate for your job and answer any questions you may have fully. We are always happy to share our expertise with the goal of helping you to get the best possible solution for your needs and long term goals.


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